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Monday, January 9, 2012

Lakdi Mithai

Singhar ji Mithai


  1. 2 cups flour
  2. 2 tspns. ground cardamon
  3. 1/4 tspn. ground pepper
  4. cold water to make dough
  5. (should be stiffer than roti dough)
  6. 1 bottle oil
  7. 2 and a half cups sugar - set aside for later
  8. 1 cup water - set aside for later

  1. Add cardamon and pepper to flour. Mix well.
  2. Then add a third of a cup
  3. of oil in flour.
  4. Rub with fingers until it resembles
  5. bread crumbs or near enough.
  6. Add cold water to flour and knead
  7. to a stiff dough consistency for 8 minutes.
  8. Apply a little oil at the end for smoothness.
  9. Knead another minute.
  10. Take a manageable ball of dough and roll
  11. out using a rolling pin (roti thickness).
  12. Cut into thin strips approx. 2 inches long.
  13. Repeat this process until all the dough
  14. is rolled out and cut.
  15. Spread strips separately on a greased tray(s).
  16. Heat oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  17. and fry lakadis until light brown and crispy.
  18. Set aside.
  19. Boil sugar and water until syrup consistency.
  20. (This could be done simultaneously on another
  21. burner while frying lakadis)
  22. Add syrup to fried lakadi.
  23. Mix all together very well.
  24. Let stand for half an hour. Enjoy!


At April 13, 2013 at 3:25 AM , Blogger inswtmaker said...

Great recipe, thank you so much for sharing:) made it tonight and it was delicious. So much nicer than the store bought stuff! My dh can't shop eating it.


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